I love nice things and I love to witness couples celebrating their union. I get goose bumps at the exchange of vows. In reality or in fiction, it is not uncommun to see me shed a tear while watching a wedding celebration.

When I started in the wedding industry in 2008, I was planning my own Wedding. Between shopping for my Wedding dress and editing my business plan, personal experience has ultimatley inspired the professional.

May 23, 2009! Hoping that mother nature is on our side to offer us a beautiful spring day that warmth our heart. Mission accomplished !!! It was a beautiful day in Montréal. Our photographers were very happy having to respect their initial plan. Beleive it or not, the Saturday before our wedding it was super windy and rained all day long. Phew!

Did everything go as planned? Not quite…it wasn’t at 100% as the perfetionist in me had envisioned but it’s just perfectly unperfect! No need to overstress on things out of your control. Keep smiling keep shining and know that you can always count on your family members.

If I have a little advice to give you: Seize the moment and have fun on your wedding day! No matter how well you planned your wedding you would not be able to identify in advance the possible unexpected events. Delegate to a member of your family some of the important tasks and to help you if some unexpected event occur, this way you would enjoy your day to the fullest.

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